Diving in Red Sea

    Erg Malik El Quseir, Egypt


    Erg Somaya Hurghada, Egypt

    One of the nicest drifts in Hurghada. Beautiful hard coral and one of the best places to spot sharks and Napoleon fish in Hurghada.The current can be anything from mild to horrible, so this is not a site for beginners. Good for the rest of us, though, as you seldom find more than one or two groups…

    Fiasco Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    Fiddle Garden Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    A good alternative to far garden when it's crowded.

    First Bay Aqaba, Jordan

    Gabr el Bint Dahab, Egypt

    Gabr El Bint means the "Tomb of the girl" and it is the southern dive site of Dahab. Part of the attraction of this site is the novelty of the commute- by camel loaded down with high-tech diving gear along the inaccessible coastline between Dahab and Nabeq. The first dive is done to the north of a…

    Gamul Kebir Safaga, Egypt

    Gamul Soraya Safaga, Egypt

    Several coral pilars, and some eels on the sand.

    Ghiannis D El Gouna, Egypt

    The Giannis D, Also known as the "wooden ship", was built 1969 in Japan. The dimensions of this "General Cargo Vessel" were about 100m length and 16m width. In April 1983 on its way from Croatia to Saudi Arabia, loaded with sawn softwood, it hit the northwest corner of Shaab Abu Nuhas Reef and…

    Golden Blocks Dahab, Egypt


    Gordon Reef Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    Gordon Reef is known and easily identified by the wreck of the Panamanian cargo ship Loullia (3461 tonnes) which ran aground in September 1981. Best done as a drift dive you have the opportunity to observe various species of coral, small nudibranches hidden in the crevices and the soft corals, White…

    Gorgone II & III Aqaba, Jordan

    One of the best coral dive... but my preference goes to Gorgone I.

    Gorgone One Aqaba, Jordan

    A common but very nice dive site. Saw a lot of different species. Great for Macro photography!
    Lion fish in Jackson reef Sharm el sheikh

    Gota Shaab Sharm Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Eagle ray in the blue ( Thomas reef Sharm el sheikh )

    Gota Shaab Sharm Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Habibty Reef Hurghada, Egypt

    A good reef for night dives, access right from the shore.

    Habili Gaffar Saint Johns, Egypt

    Halg Dawoud Marsa Alam, Egypt


    HEPCA Shark Monument Hurghada, Egypt

    it¥s a standard divesite, but there is the first underwater memorial for the sharks. it¥s an 2,5m long withe shark from the sharksaving organisation sharkproject.

    Hindi Gidir Port Sudan, Sudan

    All sides are excellent, but the N part seems the best to see sharks.

    House Reef Hamata, Egypt

    House Reef is a very special diving experience. Rugged coral blocks, little canyons, cuts and caves can be found on the fringng reef with colourful reef fish and an abundance of flora and fauna. Here you can encounter the entire food chain, starting from the tiniest animals up to big pelagics on the…

    Japanese garden Aqaba, Jordan

    First time I went to this place, I missed the reef and found the Cedar Pride wreck ! The reef starts from the poop of the wreck and goes 100m south. It goes easyly down to 35m.Seen species: Great corals, sea grass spots, but no sea horses ! Locals says there are some there...

    Japanese Gardens Japanese Gardens, Israel

    Very nice living corals. Jacks, barracudas, Whitetip reef sharks.Many table top corals. Needle fish, Unicorn fish and Moray eel. Moses rock, a tower, surrounded by schools of fish.

    Karam Masamirit Suakin Islands, Sudan

    Take care: There is often a strong surface current!Incredible drop-off dive all around the island, including sharks, pelagic, etc.

    Kingston Wreck Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Shag Rock is situated about a mile south of Sha'ab Ali and 6 miles away from the wreck of the Thistlegorm. On the northern side of the reef lies a wreck which for a long time had been falsely called Sara H, an imaginary name that in reality does not apply to any ship. The wreck in fact was the…

    Kiwi reef Aqaba, Jordan

    Probably the best dive I've had in Jordan. Ground floor contains grassy sand flats with rocky coral heads spread throughout. You can find every species of the red Sea, going from a pinacle to another. Each pinacle contains different sepecies. It's a must for photographers...Species: Stingrays, moray…

    Laguna Reef Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    The western side of Tiran Island itself is divided into two parts which scuba divers generally refer to as North and South Laguna. Both marked by beacons these are beautiful drift dives which can be done only when the weather conditions are exceptionally good. The area is strongly influenced by…

    Lara Wreck Egypt

    The remainings of Lara are lying in the Strait of Tiran, on top of Jackson Reef. Some parts of the wreck went down, plus the outside of Jackson reef is for a certain time of the year a perfect idea to do an early morning dive... Starting in the blue water there are Hammerheads, if you're lucky, you…

    Little Brother The Brother Islands, Egypt

    Steep walls, black coral, great gorgonians

    Maheleg El Quseir, Egypt


    Makadi Bay Reef Hurghada, Egypt

    Great for snorkelling. Large area and relative few people. Hanging on the surface the depth to the reef rocks/population is only 1 to 2 meters. Of course there are deeper spots. Great reef wall.Will get busier in due time due to building of holiday resorts.

    Mangrove Bay Housereef El Quseir, Egypt


    Marsa Abu Dabab North Marsa Alam, Egypt

    The Abu Dabab reefs are very spread out and the formation offers a large variety of dive plans. The north and northwestern reefs are home to some spectacular hard corals. The current in all areas is generally moderate. There is everything here: from caves and cave systems, a wreck, closely situated…

    Marsa shagra Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Marsa Shunne Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Masamirit Suakin Islands, Sudan

    The east side of Masamirit offers a great drop-off dive. Seen many sharks and turtles.

    Merlo Reef North Sudan, Sudan

    Merlo is a very nice reef, as good as Angarosh reef. Sharks and sometime mantas can be seen here. There is also a small wreck on the northwest side of the reef.

    Middle Garden Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    Gentle slope running down to 25m.