Diving in Red Sea


    Middle Reef Safaga, Egypt

    Very nice reef. A coral garden is on both east and west side.
    Type: CargoVessel size: 174.6m x 24.8m
    Red Anenome at Moray Gardens

    Moray garden Dahab, Egypt

    Moses Rock Moses Rock, Israel

    Mouchaís balise Moucha s balise, Djibouti

    Nabeq Dahab, Egypt

    A very nice dive site, a bit like a labyrinthine. Many coral blocks and some eel grass.

    Napoleon Reef Dahab, Egypt

    Near Garden Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    North Abu Ramada Hurghada, Egypt

    Less dived site in north of Abu Ramada island. Nice plateau on the north side and wall on the east side. This place is mostly dived with soth winds (not very often) and can have anything from mild to horrible current.Good place to spot turtles, barracudas, reefsharks, octopus and moray eels.

    Numidia Wreck The Brother Islands, Egypt

    The 137m long British cargo ship Numidia sunk in july 20th, 1901. The bows lies near 8m deep with a pair of Railway Engine Wheels. The rest of the wreck goes down to 40m and the stern lies near 80m.Highlights: Wonderful wreck, Gray Sharks

    Oberoi Housereef Hurghada, Egypt

    Obock Garden Obock Garden, Djibouti

    Oliver's Canyon Aqaba, Jordan

    The canyon is like a large valley, running to 30 m deep by steep-walled. In 6 meters, ner the coast, there is a 'tank' wreck, sunk in 1999 by King Abdullah. This is a Anti-aircraft tracked vehicle shell...

    Panzer Riff Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt


    Abu Nuhas Paradise El Gouna, Egypt

    In addition to the wrecks lying around Abu Nuhas, it is also possible to dive on the other side of the reef at a site known as Paradise, which has a plateau with a huge coral garden and a drop off into deeper water.

    Paradise Housereef Safaga, Egypt

    Petra Hurghada, Egypt

    Pfeiffer Reef North Sudan, Sudan

    A very famous dive site for shark diving.

    Pharao Housereef El Quseir, Egypt

    Houserif of the Pharao Dive Club in El Quseir.It¥s a very nice and friendly scuba base.

    Pinky Wall Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    Very colourful dive (soft corals).

    Police Station Hurghada, Egypt

    Qita El Banna North Sudan, Sudan

    Very nice living corals, barracuda shoals, sharks...

    Ras Abu Soma Safaga, Egypt

    Ras Abu Soma is usually a drift dive cos of the strong current. Because of its position, this dive site has a large amount of fish shoals. It is not rare to see some sharks and napoleon fishs.

    Ras Bob Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    Nice snorkeling dive area.

    Ras Burg Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    Godd switch when Ras Za'atar is crowded.

    Ras Caty Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    Ras El Torfa Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Ras Ghamila Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    Many corals and pelagic. Dolphins may be seen here on afternoon summer dives.

    Ras Ghozlani Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    One of the most beautiful dive sites in the area. Having been closed to divers for many years due to the turtle laying beach close by, this site has an extraordinary array of beautiful table corals, glassfish covered pinnacles and an overall stunning landscape. Entry fee: 5 Euro (paid locally).

    Ras Torombi Marsa Alam, Egypt


    Ras Umm Sid Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    Coral pinnacles at the west of the point. Very nice wall with gorgonians. Some whale sharks have been reported here!

    Ras Za'atar Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    Ras Za'atir is located on the northern tip of the Ras Muhammed Peninsula and is within the boundaries of the Ras Muhammed National Park. The reef at this site is similar but more contoured than Ras Ghozlani, with many cracks and fissures, some forming small caves which can be enteredIt is made up of…

    Rock Sea Nuweiba, Egypt

    Rock Sea is accessed by a short snorkel over the reef table, where you descend to 6-7 meters. Following the sandy slope and coral garden down to 20 meters, you find a beautiful drop off, allowing you to dive to over 30 meters. Here, you can find schools of Basslets, Angelfish and numerous groupers.…

    Rick's reef Dahab, Egypt


    Rocky Island East Saint Johns, Egypt


    Rocky island North Saint Johns, Egypt


    Rocky Island South Saint Johns, Egypt


    Royal Azur Coral Hurghada, Egypt


    Ras Nasrani - id: 20024 Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    Sand Beach Hurghada, Egypt